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Braveheart in Arizona

The text below is the transcription of the video above. Background and Apology The speech you are about to listen to has proven to be controversial. After I finished writing it, I was very proud. I thought it was daring. I thought it was captivating. I thought it was truthful. But when I delivered it […]

Contract with Conservatives

Before I get into the actual meat of my contract with conservatives, I want to share that I have quite a long history as a conservative. I have been a registered independent for about a decade. Before that, I was actually registered as a Republican.  My parents were Republican, and raised me with conservative social […]

Media Roundup 2 – 2/22/17 – 3/11/17

It’s been almost a month since launch, and the coverage has continued strong, to say the least! Posts are in roughly chronological order. From CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/22/politics/noah-dyer-secrets-trnd/ My thoughts: Fairly balanced.  Includes personal interview From The Daily Dot: https://www.dailydot.com/unclick/noah-dyer-arizona-governor-does-sex/ My thoughts: Pretty hilarious.  Makes some good points. From Pink News: http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/02/23/a-candidate-for-governor-has-revealed-all-the-details-of-his-sex-life-to-avoid-scandal/ My thoughts: Fairly balanced.  The UK […]

State of Silliness: How Drug Policy Crushed a Family

Meet Scott. Scott and I only had a few minutes to chat, but during that short time, he told me a story that illustrated why it’s so important for Arizona to legalize Marijuana. There was a young boy in Scott’s extended family whose mother left when he was just 5. Understandably, the boy was torn […]


Noah’s First Podcast: California vs. Arizona

In my inaugural podcast episode, I reconnect with an old coworker/friend from my days as a professor at the University of Technology. James Justin, a video game programmer who moved to California a couple years ago to take a great job, thinks he might like to return to Arizona some day.  He was a little bit scared when he […]

Started a Zazzle Store for Schwag!

I started getting requests for campaign memorabilia.  We decided to quickly put together a Zazzle store with a couple buttons to get the ball rolling. Check it out at https://www.zazzle.com/noah_dyer_campaign/products! To start, there’s just a couple button designs.  But over time we’ll update with shirts, stickers, and more. The items are being offered at cost in […]

Launch Week Media Roundup

We announced a week ago today, and created quite a stir.  Here’s a rundown of everything, and what we thought.  Posts are in roughly chronological order.  My favorite piece so far was probably the one from Fox News, although it could have been even better if they’d had me on! From KTAR: @AZGov2018: I will […]

The Campaign Brand Explained

As a marketer, I knew choosing the right tone for the campaign brand would make all the difference as we try to grow our audience.  So I recruited a crack team of designers, and got to work.  Here are some of the decisions we made. Affordances vs. Differences As we grow up and experience the […]