Media Roundup 2 – 2/22/17 – 3/11/17

Media Roundup - Image by Jon S on Flickr

It’s been almost a month since launch, and the coverage has continued strong, to say the least!

Posts are in roughly chronological order.

From CNN:

My thoughts: Fairly balanced.  Includes personal interview

From The Daily Dot:

My thoughts: Pretty hilarious.  Makes some good points.

From Pink News:

My thoughts: Fairly balanced.  The UK is less hung up on sex than the US.

From Slate:

My thoughts: On the negative side as far as my chances, but appreciative of the honesty.

From Huffington Post UK:

My thoughts: Great article!

From Order-Order:

My thoughts: They don’t like me, but they appreciated the strategy at least.

From Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

My thoughts: It was an honor to be in the same joke as Bernie Sanders.

From The Independent UK:

My thoughts: Likens my campaign strategy to UK politicians.  Interesting take.

From The Free Beacon:

My thoughts: Solid article.  Goes all the way back to 2014 experiment.

From The Glendale Star:

My thoughts: Great article.  Gets deeper into my politics than most prior articles.

From Buzz Feed:

My thoughts: Decent Article

From Mary Rabago Radio Live:

Part 1

Part 2

My thoughts: If you speak Spanish, this interview has NOTHING to do with my campaign strategy, and focuses instead on my politics, especially as they relates to our Hispanic community.

From Peter Tilden @10

Click “Peter Tilden – 3/6/2017 – 11AM,” my interview starts at 18 min.

My thoughts: Fun interview that explores the strategy on the whole but also some of positions.

From The Huffington Post:

My thoughts: Who doesn’t want to be called a hero?

From The Doctors TV Show:

My thoughts: Fun interview, some good dialogue about my choices and the strategy overall.

From Refinery 29:

My thoughts: Decent article.  Focuses a bit much on my 2014 experiment.

From TMZ:

My thoughts: Actually, a great, thoughtful interview that raises some unique questions.

From Secular Talk Radio – The Kyle Kulinski Show:

My thoughts: Asks more questions than it answers.  The comments are broadly supportive, though.

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