Help 4 lucky medical marijuana cardholders win $420 each to use for medicine at their local dispensary!

Beginning on April 20th, when you sign my petition I’ll enter you into the 420 Raffle.  If you’re a medical marijuana cardholder, you can win the prize for yourself.  If you’re not a cardholder, you get to choose the cardholder that you love the most to win the prize.  So cardholders, make sure everyone you know signs this petition!

Arizona needs a strong Governor who recognizes the healing properties of cannabis, understands the need to protect cardholders from Federal overreach, and is passionate about bringing Arizona the economic growth and other benefits of responsible adult-use cannabis.  By taking just 60 seconds to help me get on the ballot, you ensure that everyone in the cannabis community will have the opportunity to vote for the strongest candidate to represent their values and make sure that positive cannabis policies are enacted in 2019 and beyond.

Everyone wins!

How to Enter

Entering the 420 Raffle is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. You must be registered to vote in Arizona.
  2. Take 60 seconds to sign my online petition.
  3. IMPORTANT: Make sure to check the option to share your email address with me.  This is how we will notify you if you win.

Why am I the Governor the Cannabis Community Needs?

Thousands of Arizonans from across the political spectrum have told me that they’re tired of spending precious tax dollars to fight cannabis smuggling on the border and to arrest, prosecute, and jail cannabis users.

While I have never personally used cannabis in any form, I believe in standing up for our communities that are negatively affected by cannabis prohibition.  That’s why I was the first candidate to officially declare my candidacy for Governor, and the first candidate to officially release a common sense cannabis policy.

My cannabis plan:

  1. Will grow the economy by $3 billion dollars, creating 50,000 good jobs and hundreds of millions in tax revenue every year.
  2. Relieves the law enforcement, judicial, and correctional systems of the financial and psychological burden of enforcing outdated and counterproductive cannabis laws.
  3. Provides solutions to common concerns such as banking, driving, childhood exposure, etc.

Unfortunately, because I’m an independent, the Republicans and Democrats in the Arizona legislature have done everything they can to keep me off the ballot.  Republicans and Democrats only need about 5000 signatures to get on the ballot, but they make independents get 35,000.  It’s crazy!  But we’re already halfway there, and with your help, we’ll get all the way there!

Other 420 Raffle Details and Frequently Asked Questions

When will the winners be drawn?

The winners will be drawn at random on June 1st, 2018.  The drawing will be streamed live and the winner will also be notified via email.

What is the raffle prize?

4 identical prizes will be awarded. The raffle prize is the ability to choose their favorite medical marijuana cardholder to receive $420 for use at a licensed dispensary.  If the raffle winner is not a cardholder, they will not receive the money personally.  This is a great opportunity to help a cardholder!

Who can be selected as the recipient of the $420?

Each recipient of the $420 must be a certified medical marijuana cardholder in Arizona.  Cards from other states will not be accepted.

I’m a cardholder.  Can I pick myself as the winner?


Can I share this raffle with my friends and family?

Yes! Please do!

What if I already signed a paper petition?

Please sign the online petition in addition to the paper petition.  Make sure to click the box to share your email address.

What if I signed the online petition before the 420 Raffle?

If you clicked the box to share your email with the campaign, you don’t need to do anything else.  We are automatically including all prior signers in the raffle.

If you did not click the box to share your email, please send your name, registered voter address, and email to to be added to the raffle drawing.



4 replies
  1. Myrna Collins
    Myrna Collins says:

    Reading your issues on cannabis, you brought up social workers and CPS. What is your stance on the corruption in CPS? Surely you have read the headlines of the very young girl who was taken from her grandmother’s house before a through investigation and with out a warrant based on a single phone call about the mother being in an argument with her boyfriend. The mother then did every thing she was court ordered to do to get her daughter back. the social worker and a counselor with the blake foundation did everything they could to sabotage the mom’s efforts. Meanwhile the child was placed with a pedophile and was repeatedly raped. From there the mother’s parental rights were terminated and the child was adopted out to a woman who held her down in scalding hot water almost killing the child. This current governor clearly does not care about the children of AZ. So what will you do about the corruption in CPS? I do understand it is not an easy job, but some of these social workers have too much power. How will you fix this system and help our most vulnerable children?

    • Noah
      Noah says:

      Myrna, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my policies and ask thoughtful questions. I also appreciate your passion for parents rights and the right of children to be with their biological parents.

      The welfare of children is incredibly important to me. For this reason, I have proposed robust changes to education, a program to make sure no children are homeless that we stop heaping state debt on our children’s heads, and many other policies that will positively impact the lives of generations to come.

      That said, CPS reform is not one of my top priorities. The state has the very difficult task of trying to remove children from homes that are clearly unsafe while trying to not to remove children from homes that are not ideal, but also not so bad that the children should be removed. Unfortunately, some children in borderline homes will be removed who perhaps could have stayed, and some children will stay in homes that are clearly unacceptable. Additionally, the state has the herculean task of vetting foster parents. Sometimes foster parents will make it through the system who are themselves borderline or even worse. Therefore, though I believe it is rare, sometimes children will be taken from a home that is not good and placed into a home that is worse.

      All parents need to do to avoid this fate is provide homes that are clearly excellent. I am not familiar with a single case in which the CPS worker removed children from a home with absolutely no grounds for thinking the children would be better off in the foster system. Additionally, the court system treats biological parents’ rights very highly. I know many foster parents who have mourned because their foster children were ordered by the court to be put back with their biological parents into situations that were known to be poor.

      In short, while I recognize the system is not perfect, there are other government systems that are worse that I will fix first. I will make sure the leaders of CPS are committed to continuous improvement.


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