#RedForEd Raffle

Help one lucky teacher win $2018 for school supplies, and help all Arizona teachers reach their #RedForEd goals!

My campaign will be giving one lucky teacher $2018 for classroom supplies for the 2018 school year!  When you sign my petition, I’ll enter you into the raffle for the opportunity to pick your favorite teacher to win the prize.

Arizona teachers need a strong Governor who believes in the value that teachers bring our community.  By taking just 60 seconds to help me get on the ballot, you ensure that educators and parents will have the opportunity to vote for the strongest candidate to represent their values and make sure that #RedForEd momentum carries into 2019 and beyond.

Everyone wins!

How to Enter

Entering the #RedForEd Raffle is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. You must be registered to vote in Arizona.
  2. Take 60 seconds to sign my online petition.
  3. IMPORTANT: Make sure to check the option to share your email address with me.  This is how we will notify you if you win.

Why am I the Governor Arizona teachers need?

Thousands of Arizonans have told me that they’re embarrassed that our state is dead last in teacher pay, and near the bottom in per-student funding.

As a former junior high school teacher and college professor, these are issues that I’ve experienced firsthand and I know how to solve.  That’s why I was the first candidate to officially declare my candidacy for Governor, and the first candidate to officially release a comprehensive education plan.

My education plan:

  1. Takes us from 48th in per-student funding to 25th, without any new taxes.  We just have to cut tax loopholes.
  2. Gives school districts the resources they need to pay teachers and support staff better, maintain buildings in good repair, and invest in great technology, curriculum, and teaching materials.
  3. Stops vouchers and tax credits that take money out of the public schools that need the most help.

Unfortunately, because I’m an independent, the Republicans and Democrats in the Arizona legislature have done everything they can to keep me off the ballot.  Republicans and Democrats only need about 5000 signatures to get on the ballot, but they make independents get 35,000.  It’s crazy!  But we’re already halfway there, and with your help, we’ll get all the way there!

Other #RedForEd Raffle Details and Frequently Asked Questions

When will the winner be drawn?

The winner will be drawn at random on June 1st, 2018.  The drawing will be streamed live and the winner will also be notified via email.

What is the raffle prize?

The raffle prize is the ability to choose their favorite public school teacher to receive $2018 for school supplies.  The raffle winner will not receive the money personally.  This is a great opportunity to help a teacher!

Who can be selected as the recipient of the $2018?

The recipient of the $2018 must be a certified teacher at a publicly funded school that enrolls students from the general public without charging parents additional tuition or uncustomary fees.

Most public and charter schools meet this requirement.

Most private and home schools do not.

I’m a teacher.  Can I pick myself as the winner?

Yes, as long as you are a certified teacher at a tuition-free public/charter school.

Can I share this raffle with my friends and family?

Yes! Please do!

If you are a teacher, we especially hope you get lots of people to enter the raffle who will choose you as the winner!  Please note that because this raffle is for political purposes, you are probably not permitted to use your school email or other school resources, including class time, to spread the word.  But you can use your personal email, personal phone, and personal social media to invite everyone you know personally to enter the raffle for you.

What if I already signed a paper petition?

Please sign the online petition in addition to the paper petition.  Make sure to click the box to share your email address.

What if I signed the online petition before the #RedForEd Raffle?

If you clicked the box to share your email with the campaign, you don’t need to do anything else.  We are automatically including all prior signers in the raffle.

If you did not click the box to share your email, please send your name, registered voter address, and email to campaign@noahdyer.com to be added to the raffle drawing.



4 replies
  1. Nanette
    Nanette says:

    How do I nominate a teacher? I have sign the Petition, left my email address, but I’m not finding how to nominate Tonya Sandoval

    • Noah
      Noah says:

      If you win the raffle, you will choose which teacher to give the prize to when we notify you 🙂 Thanks for supporting Tonya!


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