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Noah Dyer

Something Fun Before You Sign

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Why Sign My Petition?

I am the independent candidate for Governor of Arizona.  If I was running as a Republican or Democrat, I would need 5000 signatures to get on the ballot.  But just because I’m running as an independent, they make me get 35,000.  It’s unjust, and it’s something that partisans have done purposely to keep independent voters and candidates from having a stake in our elections.

Regardless of your political views, if you think independents should be allowed on the ballot, you need to sign this petition!

How To Sign Online

This whole process only takes about 60 seconds.

Step 1

Get out your drivers license.  This is how the Secretary of State will make sure you are a registered voter.

Step 2

Click on this link and fill out the secure form pictured below.  It doesn’t mention my candidacy on the first 2 pages, but you’re in the right place.  Verify that your address is correct.  The personal information you provide will not be shared with me or any other candidate or any candidate committee.

Secretary of State Voter Authentication Form

Secretary of State Voter Authentication Form

Secretary of State Address Confirmation

Secretary of State Address Confirmation

Step 3

Enter your email and confirm that you intend to sign my petition.  Optionally share your email address with me (we appreciate it).

Secretary of State Online Petition

Secretary of State Online Petition


That’s it.  Don’t wait.  Arizona is counting on you!


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