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Noah Dyer

Thanks for your interest in being a paid petition circulator.  Circulating my petition is one of the most important things you can do to help our campaign.  I’m incredibly grateful for your interest in helping our campaign this way!

How Much Can You Make?

In general, the campaign pays $0.75 per signature.  Sometimes we may offer additional bonuses and incentive rates.

There is a short training period (typically your first day), during which you will make $.25 per signature.

After training, if you go to busy events and work hard, you can make up to $20 per hour.

If you do something with low effort and/or low traffic, like sit in front of the library or go door to door, you will probably only make a few dollars an hour.

This is a fun way to make some extra cash and help out an important cause.  This is not a suitable full-time job for most people.  You make the most money on the weekends, and sometimes on weekday evenings.  It’s hard to make a good hourly wage during regular business hours when there are no big events going on.

When Do You Get Paid?

The same day you collect the signatures!

The campaign pays via Venmo and PayPal immediately after signatures are turned in.

We can also pay via check by mail, which takes about a week to arrive.

Job Qualifications

The requirements to circulate for my campaign are slightly stricter than the legal requirements.  In short, you must be registered to vote in Arizona.

If you are not already registered to vote, will be 18 by November 6th, and have a driver’s license or state ID, you can register to vote online at

You Represent the Campaign

As a paid petition circulator, you will be the first campaign representative that many people will interact with face to face.  Some people won’t even have heard of me.  It’s important that their experience of being asked to sign the petition is positive.  You should interact with people in such a way as to create a high likelihood that they will want to sign the petition, learn more about the campaign, tell their friends about the campaign, and vote for me.


  1. Be positive.
  2. Be courteous.
  3. Kindly offer people a few reasons to sign the petition and attempt to resolve any doubts or concerns.


  1. Act like you’re in a rush to move on to the next signature.
  2. Get mad at the few people who don’t want to sign.
  3. Falsely represent the campaign in order to get someone to sign.
  4. Fight with people who don’t agree with me or my positions.


You’ll find it very helpful if you have pens and a legal size clipboard.  The campaign is happy to provide these.


“Excuse me. My name is _____. I’m out here today representing Noah Dyer, the independent candidate for Governor. Would you be willing to take 20 seconds to sign the petition to put him on the ballot?”


  1. Fill in the county you will be circulating in at the top of the petition in the first blank box.
  2. Go to a location where you think lots of people will be gathered. People don’t necessarily have to be in a civic frame of mind.
    • Parade
    • Concert or sporting event
    • Library
  3. Signers must live in the county you list at the top.
    • If you meet someone who lives in a different county, you must start a separate sheet for them, which can then be used for other people from that county later.
  4. Signers must completely sign their name, print name, address, and date.
    • Signers cannot skip any of these fields.
    • Signers cannot put ” [quotation marks]or “same” if the person above them has the same info.
    • You can assist someone who is disabled, but not anyone else.
  5. Signers are NOT required to provide an email, but is very helpful.
  6. Signers should try to stay in their boxes, but it’s ok if they go out a little bit.
  7. To sign the petition, people must be registered to vote in Arizona at the address they put on the petition.
    • 17-year-olds who will be 18 by Nov 6, 2018 can register to vote and sign the petition immediately.
    • People who are eligible to register but have not registered can register at and sign the petition immediately.
    • People can update their address at if they’ve not updated their registration since they last moved and sign the petition immediately.
    • Felons who have not had their records expunged and people who have been legally judged incompetent cannot vote and therefore cannot sign the petition.

Returning Signed Petitions

  1. Return the sheets to Noah or someone else on the campaign leadership team at a campaign event or by mail:
    1. Every Tuesday you can drop them off at The Wayne Smith located at 2120 S. Rural Rd, Tempe, between 6-7pm.
    2. Mail them to 125 N 2nd St. Suite 110-445, Phoenix, AZ 85004
    3. Feel free to contact my Field Director, Becky, by phone or email to set something up., 630-913-7001

Thanks again for your willingness to help the campaign as a paid petition circulator! It means a lot and it is truly helpful.

Sign Up to Get Started!

If you aren’t already signed up to circulate, let’s change that!

    5 replies
    1. Darlene Laski
      Darlene Laski says:

      I just finished canvassing for the Responsible Budget Act re pensions of first responders. It sounds like you’re set up a little differently and have a much smaller budget, ie, $.75 vs $2.50 per signature.

      I am a registered Independent voter. I’d like to learn more re your values and priorities.

      • Noah
        Noah says:

        Hi, Darlene! The price per signature is much lower because the signatures are much easier to get. Any registered voter in Arizona can sign, and you don’t have to explain a complex issue like pensions. Just ask if they want to help get the independent candidate for Governor on the ballot, and most people are ready to go ?

    2. Darlene Laski
      Darlene Laski says:

      By the way, l have a felony conviction from 2010. In 2013, I learned that Arizona does not expunge felonies. It grants Judgements to Set Aside, if qualified, which means it stays on your record with an asterisk. I was granted such a judgement on my conviction; however, my background report does not reflect it so I make sure it is known anytime I apply for anything.

      Additionally, in 2015, I registered to vote and was granted the right once more. It felt great. But, my point is convicted felons who completed their sentence and paid their fines, restitution, etc. will have that right restored if they register. So, by excluding that group of people, you might be hurting yourself.

      • Noah
        Noah says:

        Hi, Darlene! Anyone who is registered to vote in Arizona is eligible to circulate for my campaign. That includes people like yourself and others with a similar story 🙂

    3. Linda Barbano
      Linda Barbano says:

      I will do everything possible to get every signature in this state if we can do something about but chemtrails. Our kids deserve better and healthier place to live than this we need to do something about it now


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