It’s About Leadership


I am proud to be the only candidate who is ready to tackle Arizona’s biggest challenge: partisanship.

Progress on education reform, immigration reform, health care reform, tax reform, and other important issues cannot be achieved unless we first reduce partisanship in our politics.

Today, many people seem to want our leaders to fail; not because they disagree with their policies, but because they have the wrong label. I want our national, state, and local leaders to succeed, regardless of what they call themselves. When our leaders make mistakes, as they often will, I want to forgive them, right the wrong, and move on; not dwell on it endlessly. We need a leader who rises above parties to govern with broad consensus and unity.  We need a leader who listens to everyone and inspires others to do the same.

We live in a society where too many people want to get more out of the system than they put in. This happens at both ends of the wealth and ideological spectrum. We need a leader who recognizes that a hard day’s work should be paid with a hard day’s wages; not a half day’s wages, and not 100 days’ wages. We need someone who roots out cheating, dishonesty, and deception at every level.

We need a leader who understands and honors our sacred history and traditions. We also need a leader who recognizes that there is no tension between solving injustice and respecting our heritage.

We need a leader who stands up to the bullies in our society and speaks for those without a voice, especially our children. We need a leader who is generous and brings out the generous impulses of our people.

We need leadership that stands beside the people and doesn’t shift alliances or abandon good people with every political wind or negative news cycle.

At this crucial moment in Arizona’s history, I am the candidate that has the right priorities for a prosperous, joyous future.

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