Donate to the Campaign to Win Cactus Sunset, A Canvas Painting I Made Last Month

Cactus Sunset by Noah Dyer

[Update: The drawing is complete (I used a random number generator to choose randomly), and the winner is Nathaniel.  I’ll reach out to him to coordinate delivery.  Thank you to everyone who contributed]

I’ll admit it, I was tempted.  I want to win.  And winning means raising money.  And big donations are very attractive.  So, yes, when I decided to give away the painting above (click the image to view the whole thing) to a donor, I considered putting a high ceiling on the donation amount that would take it.

But then I thought better of it.  I want the “regular” people I’m fighting for to have an opportunity to get unique campaign memorabilia just as much as a wealthy person who can contribute to a campaign more easily.  So I decided to level the playing field.

Make a donation of any size this week (by 11:59 pm on Saturday 2/25).  Then write a comment on this blog post telling me why your donation was meaningful to you.

I’ll choose the winner on Sunday morning, and make arrangements to deliver the painting ASAP after that, ideally in person, depending on geography and other circumstances.

The painting was painted in late January 2017 at Art of Merlot, a wonderful local company.  Not surprisingly, I didn’t exactly follow the official class painting guide.  It’s no masterpiece, but it is pure Noah.

So don’t wait. Visit the Donate page and write that comment here.  We’ve got exciting plans for events and outreach, and we need your help to make it happen!



Like what you see?  Please:

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  1. Ken Witham
    Ken Witham says:

    I donated because I’ve known Noah since 2000 or so. In the past 17 years, I’ve known him to be a rational thinker, a dreamer, and someone who aspires to be better every day. He’s not perfect, but who is? Noah loves his family and friends and also wants what is best for them.

  2. Greg F.
    Greg F. says:

    I can’t help a lot, but I gave what I could. As someone who loves policy and sees all the centrist ideas that go to waste, I hope that you can succeed in shifting the politics back towards the middle with electoral reforms. As a software engineering student and cybersecurity enthusiast I hope that you can succeed in bringing stem education(particularly computer science) up to the standards needed to advance the economy in the 21st century. As a young person I hope you can succeed in your clean energy advocacy and reverse Arizona’s net metering policy shift. As a student of Agile and Scrum methodology I hope you can bring that kind of efficiency and flexibility to government. That is why I gave what I could, because I really think you could make a difference, and it has to start somewhere. Good luck from Florida.

  3. Steve Dodds
    Steve Dodds says:

    It’s an awful painting, and your candidacy is doomed to failure.

    But I’ve always loved Don Quixote and his offspring.

    Please spend my small pointless donation on something extravagant and ineffectual.

  4. Nathaniel
    Nathaniel says:

    Thank you Noah, your website made my day!

    I admire your honesty and sense of humor; I’ve never seen such a great campaign website.

    Best of luck from Flagstaff!

  5. Sean Roe
    Sean Roe says:


    It was a pleasure to meet you the other night. Im glad I could help out in a small way with this contribution. It is refreshing to see a candidate who is honest and up front about his personal life (even though I think its none of our business) It just proves to me that you are running for the right reasons. Your platform speaks to me on the issues of education and state government.



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