Noah’s First Podcast: California vs. Arizona

California vs. Arizona

In my inaugural podcast episode, I reconnect with an old coworker/friend from my days as a professor at the University of Technology.

James Justin, a video game programmer who moved to California a couple years ago to take a great job, thinks he might like to return to Arizona some day.  He was a little bit scared when he heard that Noah looks to California as an example of a place where businesses accept higher taxes in exchange for the services they receive from the government.

Noah and James talk about the merits of his policies, and whether or not they would attract him and people like him if they were implemented.

Listen in the embedded player below.  You can also catch the podcast on libsync and SoundCloud:

We have pending applications with iTunes and Stitcher (Stitcher is my favorite way to listen, since you can listen at 2x speed).  So it should be there later this week.

Update: iTunes and Stitcher are live!  Check them out:

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