Putting Arizona First, Financially Speaking


Arizona, we need someone who knows our struggles and challenges. That cannot happen when our leaders receive inflated salaries that distance them from our common experiences . How can they celebrate our triumph if they have never experienced what is like to live our lives? My candidacy is about changing that.

We all know that too many people are in politics for selfish reasons: to further their business interests both here and abroad, to boost their portfolio, and to create a golden parachute for them and their friends.

I am not that person.

I want to do right by the average Arizonan, and I will put my money where my mouth is.

To prove it, I will tie my financial well being to yours. I’m making a variety of commitments that will go into effect immediately, and stay in effect as long as I am pursuing or fulfilling Arizona elected office.

Governor’s Salary Tied to Arizona Median Family Income (AMFI)

The median Arizona family makes about $61,000 per year according to the latest available numbers (2015).  This means that 50% of Arizonans make $61,000 or less, and 50% make more than $61,000 or more.

I think the Governor of Arizona ought to know what an average Arizona family feels like. For this reason:

I promise that as Governor I will set my salary to be the latest official AMFI.  Additionally, I will adjust my salary up or down as official data about AMFI is released during my tenure in office.

Eliminating Income Loopholes

There are a million ways I could get around this commitment.  I could have people pay a corporation, trust, or other entity I control instead of paying me directly.  I could have them pay a relative.  I could have people give me an official or off-the-record commitment to hold on to my compensation until after my time in office expires.

Any scheme that would allow me to control wealth while hiding it on my personal income statement would undermine the authenticity of my promises.  Frankly, it is the kind of behavior people expect of politicians, and it robs them of their faith in our democracy.  I won’t do that to Arizonans.

I promise that while I am an elected official in Arizona, I will not negotiate or accept any scheme that will result in my present or future income being higher than AMFI.  If I am entitled to additional income outside my salary (such as a royalty or inheritance), I will first reduce my salary, after which I will either refuse payment or have payments directed to a charitable cause that I do not control either directly or indirectly.

Campaign Donations are for Campaigning, Not Cronyism

Campaigns go through lots of money.  Basically, everyone agrees it’s too much money.  But until the rules are changed, it’s possible for candidates to give their friends and families unnecessarily high salaries and overly generous benefits.  Because my campaign is about benefitting the average Arizonan, I will not use the donations of the people who want me to lead them to give my friends and family cushy jobs.

Let’s Make Arizona Work for Everyone

The cronyism has to stop.  Arizona’s politicians have to work for all Arizonans, not themselves, and not their shady friends.  I’m committed to making that change.  Vote for me if you’re excited for Arizona to have a Governor that represents the people, not the powers that be.

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