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Campaign Interns

If you or someone you know is looking to get invaluable campaign experience and college credit at the same time, we want you!

As an intern on the campaign, you will get will get high-level experience on a statewide candidate campaign.  But this is not a good fit for someone who just wants experience.  First and foremost, you must be passionate about Noah’s candidacy and about his effort to provide practical solutions to the broken partisan dialogue.

Campaign Events Intern

One of the most important things a political candidate does is meet voters, activists, and other influencers at organized political and community events.  As the Campaign Events Intern, your primary responsibility is to monitor community calendars for events that Noah should participate in and coordinate his involvement.  You will reach out to external event organizers to confirm participation, ask for speaking opportunities, and more.  You will make sure that everything is in order for event setup and teardown. You will make sure that events are properly staffed.

This is a great way to learn event promotion, event logistics, community management, and more, all within a political setting.

Campaign Field Operations Intern

When it comes down to it, successful campaigns have 2 fundamental things they must achieve.  First, they have to get enough signatures to get the candidate on the ballot.  Second, they must get enough votes to beat other candidates.  Getting people to take these actions requires massive phone banking and door knocking initiative.  This is the domain of the Campaign Field Organization Intern.  You will work closely with the Volunteer Coordinator to identify people who have the talent and willingness to drive political action through personal outreach.  You will help set goals and make plans to achieve those goals.  You will create scripts, walk maps, call lists, and other assets to make the campaign field operations successful.

This is a great way to learn how to manage teams that are responsible for personal interactions with a target audience.  In addition to political campaigns, this could involve outbound call centers, customer service, door to door sales, and many other industries and situations.

Campaign Marketing Intern

There are over 3 million registered voters in Arizona.  For Noah to spend only 1 minute with each of them would take over 2 years, and that’s if he never took the time to eat, sleep, or do anything else.  For this reason, political campaigns have to communicate at scale, or in other words, market.  As a Campaign Marketing Intern, you will be a significant voice in the conversation about what the campaign should say, and on what platforms it should be said.  You will create and schedule social media posts and email campaigns.  You will draft press releases and interact with our journalist contacts.  You may be asked to document campaign events via photos and videos.  You will learn about digital and traditional media buying.  You will look at marketing analytics and make recommendations for how the strategy.

Noah’s day job is running a marketing agency, so you will be tutored directly by him, and benefit from his longtime experience in the industry.  This is a great way to get hands on marketing experience that will be valuable for any marketing job, not just political campaigns.

Campaign Scheduling Intern

In a political campaign, nothing is more important than the candidate’s time.  As the Campaign Scheduling Intern, you will work directly with Noah to make sure that his time is maximized.  You will be responsible for managing the master calendar. You will coordinate external requests for Noah’s time from grassroots organizers, event promoters, politicians, government employees, and others.  You will work with the campaign events team to make sure that Noah is properly scheduled and prepared for campaign events.  You will also be primarily responsible for scheduling internal campaign meetings.  All this will be done while making sure that Noah has sufficient time to devote to speech writing, policy development, and other priorities and campaign activities.

This is a great starting point for a career path like Alyssa Mastromonaco’s, as detailed in her book Who Thought This Was A Good Idea? So you’ve been warned 😉

Campaign Volunteer Coordination Intern

A successful statewide political campaign requires the efforts of hundreds of people, most of whom are volunteers.  Volunteers can do almost anything to move the campaign forward.  They make calls, write articles, knock doors, reach out to influencers, help with paperwork, stuff envelopes, post on social media, use their technical and professional skills.  The Campaign Volunteer Coordination Intern is one of the first people a new campaign volunteer will interact with.  They are responsible for matching volunteer talents with campaign needs, getting the volunteer to make firm and specific commitments, and then following up to make sure things got done as promised.  The volunteer coordinator is often the first person volunteers will go to when they have a question or need help getting something done.  As such this person needs to be knowledgeable, eager to solve problems, and have a great attitude to represent the campaign and the candidate well.

This is a great way to learn how to manage and motivate people without the promise of financial reward, which is especially useful non-profits, community organizations, churches, and more.  The skills learned in this role will also be highly useful in the corporate world and for entrepreneurs.

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